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Learn to use dance as a tool of self discovery, self care, and self expression

Live Loving Life

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Dance Dojo Dance
Inclusive Dance for Your
Day Program Community

Inclusive Dance Class Specially Designed

for Neurodivergent and Developmental

Disabilities Communities;

Embracing All Program Members

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of

inclusive dance, crafted specifically for

neurodivergent adults and individuals with

developmental disabilities. Our program

radiates joy and wellness, fostering connections

and empowerment within the day program

community. Program directors, coordinators,

employees, and job coaches are warmly welcomed

to join in the experience. Let's together cultivate

positive emotions and forge supportive relationships through the universal language of dance. Schedule today to infuse empowerment and wellness into every facet of your day program community!

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Dance Dojo Dance
Wellness & Rhythm

Work on your Posture,

Coordination, Confidence, and

Self Expression

Join us on a beautiful journey learning Flamenco!

While learning this Spanish dance, you will work

on maintaining a good posture, improve your

coordination skills, work your muscles especially

while practicing the Flamenco footwork and

boost your confidence and self expression.

We can't wait to see you expressing your

soul through this passionate dance!


by Dance Dojo Dance

Improve your dance skills while having fun! No coordination abilities required!

Would you like to learn to dance but you stop

yourself because you think that you are not

coordinated and worry you will be lost during

class? Would you like to join a dance class

where you don't have to stress about learning

choreography? In this class, you will improve

your dance skills and learn dance steps from a

variety of dance styles in a fun way and without

following a choreography. If you want to dance,

learn, exercise and release stress, this is the perfect

class for you!


Dance Dojo Dance

In person and online 

Customized to your needs

Whether you’re looking to learn new dance moves or refine your existing talent, this class is what you are looking for. We will adjust to your needs giving you personalized attention which will help you achieve your dancing goals much faster. We take you through steps of latin rhythms like Salsa, Merengue, Chacha and international dances like Flamenco and Venezuelan Folk . We are happy to answer any questions you may have - simply contact us. 

Dance Dojo Dance

Customized to your needs

Schedule a dance class for your company. Choose from:

・Wellness & Rhythm Flamenco ・ChoreoFree™️ by Dance Dojo Dance・Zumba

Contact us via email for more information.


Dance Tutorials

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Welcome!  I am Mariale, founder at DanceDojoDance. My journey as a dancer started at 5 years old when I took my first Ballet lesson. I have vivid memories of the moments I spent spinning in the dance studio  while being guided by my teacher. I then discovered at a very young age that dance was something that I loved and one of my favorite mediums through which I could express myself.


I am passionate about dancing, and I am here to guide you in your own journey of self discovery, self care and self expression through dance.

Explore our site for:

Dance Tutorials

Private lessons

Group lessons

Corporate lessons

Lessons for special events


Reach out with any questions!


Finalist at "Holiday Dance Classic Las Vegas" Competition, International Latin

Learning Flamenco at escuela"Amor de Dios", Madrid


If you have any additional questions about our classes, get in touch and we will gladly assist you.


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1631 Placentia Avenue, Unit A4
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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